KHETI DUNIYAN is pioneer in the field of Agriculture Newspaper Industry since 1983. Punjabi edition was launched in 1983, to cater the needs of farmers of Punjab. Main objective behind the launch of the KHETI DUNIYAN Agricultural Weekly was to educate the farmers of Punjab and to spread awareness among the farmers community of Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh and Western U.P. about the Agricultural Developments in the world. The main objective behind the launching of KHETI DUNIYAN was to publish the latest and updo date information on Agriculture and allied fields in the local language for the Northern Indian farmers.

At the time of launching of Punjabi edition (1983), the farmers community was not much educated and all the information on Agriculture Development was not available in their local language. The other aim was to give wide spread to the latest developments of the Agriculture, so that, it will reach each & every corner of the Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan & Western U.P. Small farmers can also get the benefit from latest developments.

ABC CERTIFICATION : In 1997, KHETI DUNIYAN got its circulation certified by the Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC). KHETI DUNIYAN, as an Agricultural News Weekly, has an unique place in the Indian Newspaper Industry and in India. KHETI DUNIYAN is the only Punjabi Weekly having membership of ABC since 1997 in India. The membership of ABC is meant for genuineness in circulation.

EMPHASIS ON NEW RESEARCH : KHETI DUNIYAN in order to meet the requirements of the farmers, has established direct links with Indian & Foreign Agricultural Research Organisations and Agricultural Universities. Moreover, it has established links with leading Agriculture and allied products producing Countries to obtain the latest information about the new technology and developments. KHETI DUNIYAN is also providing information for Agri Industry, Trade and Agri Scholars. In 2000, KHETI DUNIYAN have started publishing compact Agri & allied subjects information in the shape of KISSAN DIARY, which provides complete Agri information of North India, covering Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan & U.P. KISSAN DIARY is circulated to KHETI DUNIYAN's subscribers free of cost. The print order of the KISSAN DIARY would be 50,000 copies (Punjabi & Hindi).  Read More...

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